I stole this from zerotime, who stole it from devon_hart. 🙂

01. fallen for your best friend?: No.
02. made out with JUST a friend?: No.
03. been rejected?: No.
04. been in love?: No.
05. been in lust?: Yes.
06. used someone?: Very rarely.
07. been used?: Yes.
08. cheated on someone?: No.
09. been cheated on?: No.
10. been kissed?: Yes.
11. done something you regret?: Yes.

who was the last person….
12. you touched? Dad, who I mock-punched in the shoulder.
13. you talked to? My mum.
14. you hugged? My mum.
15. you instant messaged? James.
16. you kissed? Suey.
17. you yelled at? Can’t remember.
18. you laughed with? Tim.
19. you had a crush on? Claire.
21. who broke your heart? Nobody.

do you…
22. color your hair? No. Purple hair would be cool, however.
23. have tattoos? No, wouldn’t mind getting one, though.
24. piercings? See above.
25. have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? No.
26. floss daily? Heck no.
27. own a web cam? No, but I want one.
28. have aol? No.
29. what are you wearing? Black trackpants, 2 t-shirts, a thick khaki green jumper, and socks.

30. car? Subaru Impreza WRX.
31. place? Nowhere in particular.
32. thing to do on a rainy day?: Be inside and glad I’m not outside.
33. … sunny day?: Be sitting in my room with the sun streaming in my window chatting on IRC.
34. … boring day?: Boring days suck. There’s nothing to do on a boring day.
35. … good day?: Code, chat on IRC.
36. … bad day?: Sit in a bad mood at the computer, listening to angry music.
37. friends?: All my friends, online and IRL.
38. person?: Sung Hi Lee.
39. movie(s)?: Star Wars.
40. song(s)?: Ugh…that’s a nasty question. Don’t have a single favourite.
41. color(s)?: White.
42. food(s)?: Curry!
43. drink(s)?: Black-label Jim Beam.
44. memory?: I don’t remember. 😉
45. features of the opposite sex?: Intelligence/warped sense of humour, then face/breasts.

46. do you do in the mornings?: Wake up, have breakfast, go to work.
47. … afternoons?: I’m at work.
48. … evenings?: Chat on IRC or bum around on the web.
49. do you like to watch on daytime tv? JERRY SPRINGER!@
51. makes you swoon?: Angie.
52. makes the guys/girls swoon about you?: Nobody swoons about me.
53. makes you happy?: Lots of things make me happy.
54. … sad?: Not having a girlfriend.
55. … mad?: Stupid people.
56. … feel good?: A nice long hot shower.
57. would you rather be doing?: Something that I enjoyed.
58. are you listening to? Dimmu Borgir.
59. can you do anything freakish with your body? I have independant eyebrows.

Random Questions:
60. chicken or fish? Chicken.
61. do you have a favorite animal? Wolves.
62. is ice cream the best thing in the world? No.

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