I don’t get it.

I like my music to have a solid beat and rhythm to get into, be it electronic for grooving to or metal for headbanging to (there needs to be more than just that, hence my loathing and hatred for R&B, rap, country, etc. but that’s a start). Dubstep just sounds like random beats without any particular groove to get into.

Take this song for instance. A couple of friends were going on about how awesome it is, but I’m just not getting it. The beat keeps changing and there’s nothing to just rock out to. One of my aforementioned friends was claiming that it’s all in 4/4 time, which I suppose is possible as I don’t have enough of a musical ear to pick it up, but I’m really not hearing it. It’s just thump-thump-pause-thump-pause-thump-pause-pause-thump-thump for me.

I am confuse.

And with that off my chest, I should probably get to bed considering it’s 00:10 and I have to be up in less than seven hours. 😛