Oh god

Oh god, Robowar. OH GOD.

IT. IS. TERRIBLE. IMDB’s rating of 4.0 is about twice what it should be. At least The Room had quotability… Robowar was just plain terrible. It was physically exhausting watching it.

We’ve discovered that after watching a truly terrible movie, the next one has to be a fair bit less awful. Cue Beowulf! It has Christopher Lambert, who is always hilariously awful, and was enjoyably cheesy. I don’t know why it got only a 3.7 on IMDB… it’s certainly no masterpiece of cinema, but dear christ was it vastly better than Robowar.

Of geekery, and bad movies

I’ve been getting my geek on in a big way.

Since I’m supporting JIRA Studio, and it’s a lot more sysadminy (lots of command-line work, SSHing into hosts, etc.), I’ve signed up with Linode and have installed CentOS on it (CentOS is what we use at work for just about all our server machines) to get my learnings on.

I’ve got my own JIRA instance running on it, it’s also running Subversion, email (postfix and dovecot), and I’m using SVN for my web development as well (this is my regular website, and I test out everything on here). I’ve integrated JIRA with my Subversion repository, and have OpenLDAP set up for authentication for Subversion via Apache, email, and JIRA.

In another news, we’ve been doing bad movie night with gypocalypse on a semi-regular basis, and oh it’s such fun. So. Much. Snarking! We’ve covered a lot of video game movies (Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat 1 and 2, Double Dragon, all the FUCKING AWFUL Uwe Boll films, etc.) and our movie of choice for tonight is Robowar, and if we have enough time, BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR.

😀 😀