Ten years of house!

Today marks ten years since we moved into our house!

This is the second-longest I’ve lived in any one place, when I was born we were living in a very small house and just before my 10th birthday we moved to where my parents still are to this day. After that, I moved out of home when I was 24, so only another four years here and it’ll be the longest I’ve lived anywhere!

It’s funny looking at the old photos and comparing them to now (apologies for the dreadful quality, these are upscaled from the really tiny real estate photos).


I blogged about the move a few days after we’d first moved in and how we turned the “office” that was the garage back into an actual garage, and since then we have:

We also want to redo the whole backyard and back room there, but that’s a massive project and is going to be a number of years down the track yet.


4 thoughts on “Ten years of house!

  1. I’ve never spent that long living in one place. My family moved a lot when I was younger, so I wasn’t able to form long-term relationships with people. I hope to buy a house one day and remain there for a long time. I’m currently renting a room, after previously being homeless for nearly a year. So I still have a long way to that. 😅

  2. Ah — sorry, I meant to say congratulations. I’m autistic, and my way of empathizing with people is sharing that I relate. It’s not meant to come across as focusing on me. I forget to disclose this to new peeps when I comment their blogs. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Haha all good! ❤️ Thanks!

      Yeah, we were super lucky that we were able to get in right before the house prices here in Sydney went completely nuts.

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