I am very much enjoying living by myself! Just the sheer freedom of not having to worry about anyone else here is fantastic.

The only thing more awesome will be when kungfupolarbear is here!

I should also add, not having to deal with an overly anal-retentive passive-aggressive bitch is fantastic too (meaning my former roommate Mel, not Sammi, hah). I’m just dealing with her part of the bond that I owe, since she moved out and I’m still here. The notice of lodgement says it was $1740, and we both paid half, so that’d be $870 each. I messaged her saying that, and she’s arguing the point and thinking it should be more, not realising that the amount that we actually paid included a week’s rent. It turns out apparently it was a bit more than $870… all of SEVEN DOLLARS more. ffs. Who the fuck cares about $7?

kungfupolarbear can vouch for it, too. Mel’s boyfriend was living with us too (who I’ve actually known for many years now) and he’s great fun to hang out with. Except for when Mel is around… she’s just totally controlling and generally not nice to him at all. I really wish he would realise he could do so much better and just dump her. They were together for like six years before they broke up, but unfortunately they got back together again. I suspect it’s just familiarity more than anything else. Ugh. Not that it’s any of my business but still.

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  1. Yeah she was batshit insane. Like the time she padlocked the garage and then didn’t tell you. Or the time she re-arranged everything into exactly 50/50 space portions in the bathroom cabinet even though she had all of 2 things in there… and all this empty space. Man she was weird.

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