We went down to the Mall today, and I pre-ordered Project Gotham Racing 2 for Xbox, and bought WarCraft II Battle.net edition, so we can crank out some WC2 at our next LAN. 😀 (Last one we had, there were distinct version mismatches…the PC guys had some old crappy DOS version).

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  1. i found ur journal through tash: i was bored and read this far.

    i typed this comment to help with the boredem.

    i also noticed that u have people that i have on friends.\

    woo im silly bye.

      1. OoOooo i have addage.

        perhaps to cure some more boredem i should add u back….

        (im so bored i’ve messaged three! – yes not one or two but three of my exes, thats wrong…)

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