Woo, long weekend! We’re meant to be having a LAN party, but I don’t know if it’s actually going to happen…we haven’t even organised whose house it’ll be at yet.

And come Monday week after next, I’m no longer going to be working at Maccas…I’ll be at Apple instead. 😀 I’m going to be doing tech support. And the $18/hour is rather tasty too. 😉 (As opposed to the $13.80 I’m getting at the moment. (Note to Americans: That’s in AU$, before you make any comments. ;P)).

I’m going to move my plans for getting an engine immobiliser/remote keyless entry/central locking up a bit now…some motherfucker broke into my sister’s Charade last night. Fortunately there’s nothing worth stealing in there, but still. ;( They got in by bending the top of the driver’s side door back (!) far enough so they could unlock the door. I seriously doubt you could do that with my Corolla, as the doors are much more solidly built, but better safe than sorry. Fuckers.

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