I now have Xbox Live! Although no Project Gotham Racing 2…apparently the PAL version comes out on the 28th of this month. I wish EB had mentioned something about that, rather than getting my hopes up for getting it on the 18th, which is when the NTSC-using people got it. 😛

I’m geeking out, and messing around with my FreeBSD server…I’ve set up a DHCP server for our LAN, and it all works wonderfully. 🙂 Although for some reason the IP addresses are being given out in decending order, instead of ascending… (The range I’ve designated is Instead of giving first and working up, it gives the .127 and goes down.) Any thoughts on why or as how to change it? Next up for it is getting the NTP server running correctly, and working out how to set up the firewall properly without blocking myself off from the internet. 😉

As of yesterday, I have $3000 in my savings account, and just over $600 in my normal one. 😀

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  1. Re: DHCP; does it really matter in what order the IPs are given out? As long as all the machines get a different one…

    Re: NTP; set your time server to time.optusnet.com.au and help reduce the load on the top-level servers! (this works in the Mac OS Date/Time control panel, too – though if you have your own NTP server, you might want to point all your Macs at it.

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