I’m reconsidering my plans for my G5…

Instead, I’m thinking of getting a 17″ PowerBook! I realised that I wasn’t even doing anything on my current computer that urgently required an upgrade…I don’t find it slow. The G5 + 23″ display would have been about $6500 (this is with Apple’s staff discount). A 17″ PB+AirPort Extreme Base Station is just over $4500. And I’ll be able to take all my shiznit in to work with me, and I won’t need to screw about with lugging everything over to LAN parties. And I can lie in bed and surf the web at stuff. I’ll get a KVM switch, so I can use my current CRT as a second monitor if I want to. 🙂

Not to mention that I’ll be able to get the PB late this year or early next year, as against half-way through next year at the absolute earliest.


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      1. *takes deep breathe*

        okay lemme try again … i can do this … i can do this …

        you’re reconsidering getting a G5. which is a Mac.

        now you want to get a 17″ laptop. because your pc isn’t have a use to require an upgrade.

        the G5 + 23″ monitor would have been about $6500 (with staff discount). A 17″ laptop+AirPort Extreme Base Station is just over $4500. and you can take your lappy to work with you & you dun have to worry about carrying a pc to geek meets 😛

        and you can lie in bed with the laptop & go online.
        nfi what a KVM switch.

        then you can get the laptop sooner.

        *bows and exits*

      1. well, when the vast majority of the time you see a price that is $foo and it means USD, on the off occasions when you see $bar and it isn’t USD, it can be confusing for a moment

    1. Hehehe, no actually. I was inspired by all the people here at work who have them and bring them in. 🙂 In the section I’m in, there’s 6 of us here, and 4 of them have laptops.

      I wasn’t even aware Mike had a PowerBook…

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