I have a new desktop pic now. It’s so peaceful. 🙂

We’re going over to my friend’s house tonight for some quiet drinks, and then we’re geeking out tomorrow and playing some Warhammer 40,000. 😉

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    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. 🙁 Although we weren’t playing exactly a normal battle…we had 500 points of just HQ. I was playing Eldar, and my other two friends had Daemonhunters and Chaos. I was originally going to use the Ulthwe Seer Council, but considering how horrendously anti-psyker the Daemonhunters are (and the Chaos guy had a crapload of Collars of Khorne), I changed plans to the Biel Tan Court Of The Young King. We had to bend the rules a little, though, as you’re only meant to have between 3 and 5 Exarchs, and I had to have 7 to make it to 500 points.

      My friend’s Chaos lord was fucking crazy. 195 points worth. D: I ended up killing him, but not before he killed both my Scorpion Exarchs and both my Banshees. 🙁

      And the dude with the Daemonhunters Deep Striked in, so naturally he won. Although only just…he only had his lord and one terminator left.

      1. hmmm, I havn’t played much of the 3rd Ed of 40K. I think my original crazyness for it during highschool died out just before 3rd Ed came out.

        And w00, go Eldar! ^_^
        I’ve missed out on so much, and I was looking at them again today.
        I could almost get back into it.

        Maybe you’ll be the cataylist of this change? 😉

        1. ::grins::

          The advantage of getting back into it after school, when you have a job, is that you have plenty of money to spend on it. 😉

          I remember loving Christmas and birthdays because it’d mean I be able to go down and get a handful more miniatures. 😉

          And I like the 3rd Edition rules…the game plays a lot faster than 2nd Ed.

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