We went over to a friend’s place last night, and got roaringly drunk. (Well…not actually. I seem to have a quite high alcohol tolerance). We did, however, have two 5-litre kegs of Woodstock-and-coke and all but finished them both off. 😀

Which mobile phone brand are You?

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  1. Interesting.

    Obviously the author of that quiz likes Panasonic, or at least their phones.

    Thats is the only one of these things that has not insulted the phone.

    Oh, yes, and I’m sure you’re “awesome”, VirtualWolf. 😛

  2. are the kegs any good?

    I like woodstock in the cans, saw these at the shop and was tempted… 🙂

    but, drinking a whole 5L by myself… perhaps not the smartest thing

  3. “A rousing evening at the gentlemen’s club, where we played chess over brandy and cigars, before donating a large sum of money to charity.”

    That’s what really happened, isn’t it? ISN’T IT? :p

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