YARRRR! Last night was awesome. 🙂

Not long after me and my friend Chunky arrived, we were witness to over two hundred sparklers going off at once. 😉 It was awesome. causa and one of the other guys there both took a video of it.

After that there was much drinking and merriness. One of the guys climbed up the flagpole that’s out the back because he thought there was a case of beer at the top. (*cough*, I wonder who gave him that impression? ;)). Causa and Rob have put a pirate flag up there, which rules muchly.

__stripped and noogles arrived later on. I ended up having mad snuggles with Cath on one of the couches they’d dragged out to the backyard, as Sean had decided he’d prefer his prawn crackers (which apparently weren’t very nice at all) and Smiths chicken chips.

When everyone went to their rooms at about 3:30-4:00, me, Chunky, Sean, and Cath stayed up and talked absolute shit to each other until about 6. Sean, you hobbit you! What about second breakfast? What about elevenses?! 😀

After everyone woke up, we headed over to the Chatswood shopping centre and had deliciously greasy breakfast from ‘The Coffee Club’.

Oh yes, and I got a new LJ friend, dweialeitha, whose username I can’t even pronounce. 😉 All in all, it was an excellent night!

(Wow, I think that’s the longest LJ post I’ve ever made!)

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      1. It’s probably not as good as what you’d get by adding the Giant Death Laser filter in Afteraffects, but it stands a better chance of horribly burning someone. And that’s what counts.

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