Cold is steadily getting better. And the amount of tissues left in the house is rapidly decreasing. 😉

I’ve hit the 30GB mark for my MP3 collection! 4245 songs, 15:09:10:57 total time. (Yes, Cath, I’m a geek. STFU. ;)). Oh yes, and you should all have a listen to Otep (::points at the current music that’s playing::)…they fucking rock.

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      1. I saw them live at, uh, Ozzfest, I think. Can’t really remember anything about them, we were just there to see After Forever, who were up next.

        1. Ah, nice.

          Y’ought to check ’em out. They remind me quite a bit of Rage Against The Machine in some parts. And others (like Blood Pigs) are just evil-sounding metal, hehe.

    1. Hehehe.

      Well, I don’t download songs at anything less than 192Kbps MP3 for a start. And an increasing number of them are high-quality VBR, and there’s a number of albums that are at 320Kbps as well. All my CDs are ripped as 160Kbps AACs.

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