Nice. Yesterday afternoon, Tony King (managing director of Apple Australia) came around the call centre and gave everyone a “Thank you”, and a double-pass to Hoyts La Premiere cinemas. From the little blurb that came with it:

“Ticket holders can relax in an exclusive lounge with complementary coffee, tea, soft drinks, and popcorn. Receive a complimentary cheese platter when you purchase a bottle of our specially selected wines from the Gallery bar. All of which can be enjoyed inside the cinema.
“With a five star balcony view and our private custom made sofa for two, you can experience the latest in-season releases from our CINEMAXX auditoriums.

Apparently these are about thirty dollars a ticket! And everyone got a double-pass, and there’d be probably 40-50 people in the call centre.

Only problem…I don’t really have anyone to take. : I’d want to take someone special, but I don’t have anyone special. ::sigh::

Still, the expiry date is the end of March next year, so I’ve got plenty of time to think about it. 🙂

Last night we geeked out and went over to my friend’s house to play Magic. 😉 And tonight, a friend’s 21st! (There /might/ be random drunk SMSs… it depends if there’s enough happening there that I don’t get a bit bored and pull out my phone. ;)) bimbogrrl, am I likely to get killed horribly if I message you? 😉

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  1. I got given the same thing at work last week, except for Village. Oh, and a $10 “food and beverage” voucher.

    Shame all movies suck at the momemt. Just like yours, these don’t expire until March next year either…

  2. I’ve received one of those drunk SMS’s before! 😛

    Also, take a whole bunch of friends, and then swap seats with them in the cinema, and they can take your la premiere ticket back down to the la premiere section and get their popcorn and drinks and coffee and shiznit. 😀

  3. HAHA!
    Awww i’m not an angry murderous girl [except if you send me a drunken SMS an wake me]
    Thank God you didn’t – i was competing this weekend!


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