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      1. really ive heard heaps of yanks say it never heard a pom say it like that, ive heard poms complain about it being said like that. and ive been to usa/uk

          1. 😛

            Also, I realised I mis-read your comment. I thought it was a reply to the “jigga-bytes” comment of mine, not the “‘erbs” of Ves’. (I’m assuming that’s what your comment about Queer Eye was about… :))

            If not, just ignore this comment entirely. 😉

  1. I had someone saying ‘expose’ (as in, not exposé with the accent) yesterday. Even after I used the correct pronunciation several times, he stuck to his flawed ways…

  2. “… blah blah blah, hence why we did what we did.”

    NO. No, no, no.

    You’re using the word “hence” in this context meaning for this reason, or effectively as another way of saying “which is why…”. Therefore the why is implied. Actually saying it is repeating yourself.


  3. But Doc Brown said it!

    “One point twenty-one GIGAWATTS?! How could I have been so careless?”

    Webster.com actually lists the hard-J form as the primary pronunciation, while AskOxford.com lists the hard-G first. So it could be a cultural thing, with American pronunciation moving toward British in the last few decades, since they’ve got that metric-system thing over there and used prefixes like “giga” more than we did until recently.

    I have to admit, when I first saw Back to the Future, I thought it was a completely made-up unit in the style of “jillion”.

    The one that gets me is when people say they are “honing in” on (getting closer to) something. People do it ALL THE FUCKING TIME now.

    1. Whoever did the subtitles on the Dutch tv showing of Back to the Future made the same mistake, they subtitled it as ‘jigowatt’. It seriously shows that many of the people doing subtitles no virtually nothing about the background matter of the shows they’re subtitling, any in-joke or pop culture reference stays untranslated, even if it’s vital to the storyline.

    1. Apparently so. D:

      I had to try really hard not to burst out laughing when the guy said “I need to find out how many jigga-hertz this computer has”.

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