Hurrah for clean rooms! And I’m watching the thermometer (we’ve got one of those ones that measures the inside and outside temp), and the temperature outside is dropping like a stone. It was 17° outside about half an hour ago, it’s heading below 16 already. Cold nights are plus fucking plus!

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          1. if virtualwolf wishes to tell me off about getting a couple of comment emails, he has every right to. to tell you the truth, i thought you’d probably re-blocked my email address.

  1. no. I’ve no interest whatsoever in what you’ve been saying or not saying about me. I was looking for something I’d written somewhere in virtualwolf’s journal, if that’s alright with you, mikey.

  2. i’m the one who’s actually on virtualwolf’s friends list mikey, i could ask you what you’re doing here 😛

  3. oh, i’m so scared 😛 i’m going to go and cry myself to sleep now.

    and i’m not going to respond anymore lest we do actually piss nick off.

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