We went to Gigantour at Luna Park both last night and Thursday night, the lineup was Lacuna Coil, Devildriver, Static X, and Megadeth.

Thursday night I drove in and there was a car accident on the Harbour Bridge which completely fucked the traffic everywhere, so we got there late and part-way through Lacuna Coil’s set (Lacuna Coil was primarily who I was going to see). Last night I made sure I got in early. I was right up the very front for Lacuna Coil, Devildriver, and Static X… fucking awesome.

I took a bunch of photos on Sammi’s phone, including one where Cristina (lead vocalist for Lacuna Coil) was looking straight at me! She was actually pointing as well, but Sammi’s phone camera has a massive delay between pressing the button and it actually taking the photo, so it didn’t actually catch it. I also scored a (Lacuna Coil) bass pick! 😀 Best concert ever!

Yes, I’m huge Lacuna Coil fanboy. Deal with it. 😛

😀 😀 😀

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  1. How can you listen to that Pop music crap.

    Lacuna Coil can go f*** * ******.

    Your mum is a ***** *****.

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