Oh, I forgot to post, we saw Amon Amarth Sunday night before last. I was in the second row from the front, it fucking RULED. Took a bunch of pics with my phone, but of the 35-odd I took, these were the only decent ones. (Sammi’s Sony-Ericsson doesn’t take particularly sharp photos, but they’re not overly grainy. My phone is a Nokia 6110, in good light it’ll take great photos, but for things like concerts most of the photos end up grainy as shit. 🙁 )

By the time the concert was over my t-shirt was absolutely drenched, you’d swear I’d just been through a tropical rainstorm or something. 😛

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      1. You might find it even funnier to know that I had no idea they actually were Swedish until I looked them up on Wikipedia about ten seconds ago.

        Incidentally, according to the Finnish lady I work with, people from northern Europe like American metal.

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