Phew! That was a good weekend.

Friday night we went over to a friend’s for random drinking and talking, although we down to the local pub after that. I’d forgotten how much I hate the pubs that are packed full and have obnoxiously loud music where you can’t actually have a proper conversation without shredding your throat shoating.

Last night everyone came around to mine for drinking and Rock Band, as my roommates were both out. Great fun was had by all! And I’m actually not nearly as bad on the drums as I thought I was, although I have zero hand-foot co-ordination. I can do easy difficulty on the drums pretty well, but medium adds a whole lot more foot pedal and I can just can’t get the hang of it. Hand-eye, no worries, but hand-foot? Fuhgeddaboudit.

gypocalypse came over this evening to pick up his Rock Band stuff, and we were playing some Guitar Hero World Tour. We unlocked the three Tool songs (Schism, Parabola, and Vicarious)… holy. Fucking. Shit. They are INSANE, and I was only playing on medium! My hand totally cramped up by the end of it.

Once kungfupolarbear is here we are totally having regular Rock Band-slash-World Tour nights at my house! It will be excellent.

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    1. Bite me.


      I’m not “not getting” the drums, it’s that I totally lack any sort of hand-foot co-ordination… my feet want to do exactly the same rhythm as my hands do.

        1. Hee. We were playing Rock Band on the weekend, but it’s a friend’s, not mine. 🙂 I’m currently borrowing another friend’s World Tour and drums!

  1. Guitar Hero: World Tour has SO many good songs. I’m addicted. I was actually just playing it, haha.

    You can just google it, and get the code online to unlock all the songs in quickplay mode… if you are interested, that is.

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