Guess what, more photos! I had dinner at Mum and Dad’s, and Lily was helping Mum make the dessert (baked apples, and they were nom nom nom!).

Food porn!

I rather like the last shot, I think it came out nicely.

::faceplants into bed::

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  1. I’m sure it blows you mind ten times more than anyone else, but I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing up. I swear to god you posted pics of her just a few months ago and she was a baby.

    1. Hehehe. I actually was having this exact conversation with doughnu7 last night… I don’t notice the growing up so much because I see her all the time. I was living with a friend of mine when she was first born, and he saw her quite regularly up until she was three months old. I moved out after that, and he doesn’t see her very often anymore, so now when he does he’s all “Holy shit man, she’s gotten huge!”. 🙂

      1. and i think this is probably the time to say things like that to a girl without giving her some kind of complex. Try telling a woman our age that “holy shit, you’re like, twice the size of when I saw you last!” and see how long you’re able to stay not in a coma

  2. 1. Your mom and Lily have the same color hair, hee.

    2. 2nd to the last picture… SQUEE.

    3. I can’t wait to have Lily help me cook, too. Hehe. I imagine us all making cookies one day or something and I’m squeeing uncontrollably.

    4. Last picture… omg food porn.

    1. 1. True, but Mum’s is dyed because she’s going extremely grey, haha.

      2. That was with a mouthful of sultanas, I’m pretty sure. 😀

      3. 😀

      4. Seriously! It was quite delicious too.

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