In the process of going through all the pages on my site and updating them, I just realised how old the pics of my room were. 🙂 I had the OS that was running on my computer at Mac OS X 10.2.6! (For reference, that was released on the 18th of April last year!). So, I went on one of my mad cleaning sprees and took some updated pics!

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      1. It’s so bulgingly boutiful, I could only fit it in the picture diagonally!

        (more accurately, this is the result of having a camera tethered to a powerpoint that’s frustratingly close to the (large) object of interest, and no wide-angle lens :< )

        1. heh, you seriously don’t want to see my bookshelves then. I’ll dig up pictures (or take them now) regardless 🙂

          is this a book-owning competition? 🙂

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