Wow, that was a bit of excitement! Dad came into my room and said to come and have a look at the smoke. Went out onto our back deck, which looks out onto the valley, and there was quite a lot of smoke…we couldn’t even see the other hills. There was a sound of fire truck sirens in the distance, which seemed to be getting closer. And closer…and closer…

It’s quite amazing how much a smoky night can carry lights…the whole valley was just about lit up from the lights from the fire trucks. They turned into the street just down from ours, but ended up going right down to the end of it, fortunately (we’re about half-way up the street). We’re not sure, but it certainly looked (and smelt) like it was a house that was on fire, rather than just bush. We could see the flames from the street, but the firefighters put it out in fairly short order. I’m sure we’ll read all about it in tomorrow’s paper!

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