Laptops rule.

I’m sitting here snuggled up in bed with my PowerBook, with a long cable going half-way across to the room to my stereo. (It’ll be awesome once my AirPort Express arrives. :D). The PB also does an excellent job as a heater. 😉

Also, I’m considering getting one of these so I can still use my G4 tower. It’ll also be handy to be able to have it plugged into my PowerBook as well.

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    1. Heh. It’s actually only about $150 more than the Samsung, with the staff discount.

      Those massive-ass borders on the Apple displays annoy me, anyway. Not to mention there’s rumours of new displays coming out soon. 🙂

      1. I wasn’t exactly sure of the staff discount. Besides ‘normal’ people might read this too 😉

        There’s been rumours of new displays for at least 12 months now. They were expected with the G5, they were expected after the G5, they were expected with the G5 revision. I know I’m not holding my breath. Having said that, they’ll probably come out this week…

        1. Indeed.

          And if what they’re saying about dropping the 17″ is true, it wouldn’t be any use to me anyway…20″ would be a bit large to be fitting alongside my PowerBook. Damn book shelves! It’d be nice if they were the height-adjustable ones, but alas.

          I’m also thinking I might get a wireless keyboard…I’ve got the Bluetooth module that came with my Intellimouse just sitting in my drawer collecting dust at the moment. Less cables = good!

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