For the first time ever, I’ve gone over the $33/month that my phone costs. $42.94 the final cost was. 123 SMSs! 😮 I didn’t realise I’d sent so many. ::looks significantly at gigglznwrigglz:: 😀

My monitor didn’t arrive today, either. 🙁


Which dodgy Sydney pub are you?

The Town Hall Hotel
You are The Townie. You rock out. You will
probably meet your future wife/husband here. Be
on the lookout for aging rockers trying to be
picked up – and be careful you don’t end up at
Zanzibar. Gunners anyone?

Which dodgy Sydney pub are you?
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  1. oh my god, how will you ever afford such a huge amount of money? 😛

    sounds like when I could suddenly write with stylus instead of type my smses. bad.

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