I finally got around to cleaning my car! It’s probably been about 6 months since it was last cleaned (which was before the water restrictions came in, and that was about January or so this year). It’s not completely clean, as I couldn’t be bothered putting in the elbow grease to get all of the gunk off, but it’s a damn-sight better than it was. My car has disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear, and it’s quite amazing how much filthier the mags at the front get compared to the rear (because of all the brake dust from the disc brakes).

We had our LAN at my friend’s place last night, played lots of WarCraft III. One of my friends brought his wireless router over, so those of us that had wireless enjoyed a distinct lack of cables hanging from our machines. 🙂

Worked yesterday, which is never good, but I can’t complain too much…previously, I hadn’t worked a Saturday for probably a good couple of months, if not more.

Oh yes, and my laptop needs a new logic board. 🙁 There’s something wrong with the “ethernet cell” on the current one. The only problems I’ve noticed are an occasional freeze when waking from sleep (and by “occasional” I mean once a month or less). But one of the guys in the repair centre at work has ordered in a new logic board, and he said he should be able to put it in tomorrow afternoon. So hopefully once that’s done, my PB will be totally rock solid. (It is at the moment, really, except for those random freezes I mentioned).

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