Holy shit, I am almost dead.

Went to __stripped‘s 21st last night, which was lots of fun. I took a few photos but I’m too damn tired to be bothered uploading them at the moment. 😉 It was like a big LJ-meet, heh. biodecay, darkjudicator, mangosaur, nihilisticangel, noogles, ravenshadow, satanic_angel, ves, all of whom I’ve met before, and I finally met bimbogrrl and scarydan! 🙂 There were also a handful of random non-LJ people, and Cath’s brother, cousin, and her sister-and-boyfriend. Much alcohol was consumed! 😀

I never get especially much sleep when I’m at someone else’s house, but it sucked even more last night, thanks to ravenshadow‘s snoring sounding like he was cutting down a forest with a very noisy chainsaw. 😛 I got home a bit before 5pm today and just about immediately fell into bed and asleep.

My feet are killing me at the moment. 🙁 We went into the city on Friday night and had to walk a fair way from Wynyard to get to the pub we were meeting the Ars people at. I drove up to my friend’s house, as there’s a bus-stop just slightly down from his house, and the bus that goes through there goes straight to Wynyard. So I had to walk from my house to his on Saturday afternoon to retrieve my car. It’s only a 3 minute drive, but walking it’s about 25 minutes and almost entirely uphill. Sprinkle a bit extra walking to and from Cath’s to the train station, and my feet are dead.

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          1. yes but i don’t see myself in there. edit, dammit, edit! *sigh* despite my apparent infamy, i’m just ignored….*goes off to sulk* 😀

            1. Oh, woops!

              I was going through my friends list from within my LJ client, and I hadn’t gotten around to adding you yet. 😀

              ::does so now::

              1. REMEMBER ME!!!!

                that’s better. just don’t let it happen again, okay! look at my icon. that’s what happened to the last person who didn’t respect my infamy well enough! BWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHACK cough cough. sorry, what? i blacked out there for a moment…

                  1. Re: REMEMBER ME!!!!

                    i was just going to post to say that i don’t have any IM software, to which you would undoubtedly reply “sifn’t have im software”.

                    i do have MSN but I so rarely use it…i only ever log on for a scheduled chat for something. i never think to log on just to see whose on.

                    so, that’s why i don’t put any IM info there…i’m not contactable instantly i guess. think of it as a protest against this fast paced technologically bound instantaneous world. or not, it’s up to you.

                    oh, and if you haven’t noticed, i’ve a tendency to blather on about crap alot.

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