Bleh. Not going to work today, as I can barely talk, and when I can my voice is croaky as hell. 🙁

And it’s freezing in my room, too. /me goes in search of the heater.

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    1. :\

      I’ll have to have lots of medicinal alcohol at the drinks tonight. 😉

      At the moment, though, I’m snuggled up in bed with my laptop on my lap and my hood up. 😉 Cozy++

      1. *lmao*
        You sound like my friend Ross [he’s Russian]. He’d always ring me up an tell me come over an get slammed on vodka shots…even if i was dying in bed
        I broke my back a few years ago an he even said “alcohol relieves ain so COME!”

        Get well soon, fool


  1. alcohol fixes everything *nods wisely*
    I think sickness is everywhere right now – I have a headache and feel sick and i have to travel to stupid stinky ashfield after work instead of getting to go home and sleep!!! *grumbles*

      1. I think it is – coz half of my team at work are out sick too..i feel soo sleepy and i STILL have to stay here until 5 and then wait for my brother at ashfiled coz he doesnt finish till 6..*sighs* i dont even knoe where ashfield is!! lol

          1. yay! there are so many people coming. I wasn’t sure if would make it cos she hasn’t had intArnet.

            That means we have: virtualwolf, alice_pinafore, dr_nic, __stripped – is _maryann coming? – noogles, xenex, xxxfiasco, darkjudicator, hopefully tannymonster + faithie, is ravenshadow coming?… plus some maybes… so_unreliable_, cispt2 later on, and some new people – pikios, jackylungs etc. Did i forget anyone?

            And to think the first ever one started off with just 3 of us!

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