I went down to the Mall this evening to get a haircut. (Short hair+goatee plus plus!). I’ve also pre-ordered Halo 2 (and the guy at EB said they’ve got about 400 preorders for it so far), and I’m buying a Sony-Ericsson T610 mobile phone! I’ve wanted to get a Bluetooth/iSync-compatible phone for a while now (ever since I got my PowerBook, really), and I’ve worked out this would be the cheapest method.

I’m on a $33/month plan at the moment with a Nokia 6100. I talked to the guys in the Optus shop, and they said the only options were to cancel my current plan (which would cost ~$450) and upgrade to the $45/month plan, which offers the T630. I’m not even using the $33/month, so that’d be silly.

The other option is to buy the T610 outright for ~$480, transfer my SIM card over from my 6100 to the T610 and continue on with the $33/month plan until it runs out towards the end of next year. After that, I’ll just be paying for what I use.


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  1. *confused*

    are you with optus at the moment?
    aren’t you just able to upgrade your plan from $33 to $45 and start a new contract with that phone?

    1. Yes, I can, but I don’t want to. I don’t even use $33/month worth of credit, so I’m not going to bother wasting money upgrading to the $45 one. And I’m definitely not going to get any more plans anymore. If I ever need to get a new mobile, I’ll just buy the damn thing outright. 🙂

  2. No, but again, this is the whole point. 🙂 I don’t /want/ to be stuck on a plan anymore. And they’re hardly free phones. My 6100 is a minimum cost of something like $720 over 24 months.

  3. I have a habit of not trusting people at EB.

    Personally, I’m going to walk to the Dick Smith store that’s ~50m from my place on the morning it comes out, and try to buy it then. If they’re sold out already, I can simply panic and rush to the other Dick Smith. Or the EB. Or the David Jones. Or the Myer. Or the Target. Or the K-Mart. Or the Harvey Norman. Or the other Harvey Norman. Or the Tandy. All walking distance.

    If I still don’t get it, I just don’t deserve it.

  4. T610 wont sink with iCal as far as a know. Strathfeild have a deal where you can get a 4th gen pod on a $38 plan. I know i did it.

    But that still does not get around the contract breach etc.

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