I’ve just finished setting up my AirPort Express and was testing the signal strength on mum’s laptop, out in the loungeroom…and I can see the neighbour’s wireless network! And it doesn’t have a password on it. 🙂 Barely any signal strength, it keeps dropping out, and doesn’t show up at all if you move away from the very corner of the loungeroom. But still… 🙂

Now that I think about it, that could have been why the signal strength to our AIrPort Extreme base station was bad…the two networks might be on the same channel and are interfering.

/me tests that theory.

UPDATE: Bingo! Next door’s network was indeed the problem. I changed the channel that the AIrPort Extreme connects on to 12 (from 10) and we’re consistently getting 2-3 bars of reception (out of 4 maximum).

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  1. dude if poss try to move 5 channels away (this is advice i got from my wifi access point manual). let me know if this improves it any further.

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