We had an extra-long team meeting this morning, and there was the Q3 Contact Centre Excellence Awards handed out.

I got a certificate for Call Resolution, along with three other guys, then the call centre manager says, “And we’ve got an iPod Mini on order for you guys.”!! 😮

There were two other certificate types handed out…one for Best Agent Performance and the other for our Tier 2 guys. The Best Performance people are getting an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and a Bluetooth adapter, and the Tier 2s have an iSight coming.

Oh, I also got a nifty little clock from DCL (the recruitment agency I’m with).

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  1. Congratulations! Explains the 8:20 start, then. I wish I hadn’t missed it…

    If Justin’s there today, please ‘thank’ him on my behalf for the cold… ;P

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