Just got back from seeing Chimaira and In Flames.

First off was some local band whose name I didn’t catch…they were quite good. Next was Chimaira, who FUCKING OWNED. They were even better than In Flames, IMHO.

I was right up the very front until about half-way through In Flames’ set, when I decided a) it was too damn hot, and b) there were too many fucktards madly waving heads and arms around. 😉

Some dude came up to me and offered me $100 for my Dimmu Borgir “In Satan We Trust” jumper. 🙂 I politely declined (it’s one of my favourite tops ;)). And I bought two t-shirts, the tour ones for In Flames and Chimaira.

w00t! \m/

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    1. Hehe. Mostly because it probably would have been that much anyway to get another one (I got it from, but I ordered a bunch of other stuff at the time. To get just the jumper + shipping costs would have been very close to $100. 🙂 (This is Australian dollars, btw, not US ones. :))

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