Just got home from the sydneysiders meet!

The next one definitely needs to be organised a bit further in advance, so people can make sure they’re not doing anything the next day. 😉

Along with the usual crew, we met evilteve, indighost, moi_downunder, pikios, and unknownblogger, all of whom will hopefully become part of the regular crew. 🙂

I brought my digital camera, but didn’t get too much of a chance to actually use it. (Read: I’m not going to bother putting those few pics up that I took. ;))

Oh, and major thanks to unknownblogger for giving my lazy ass a lift all the way to Wynyard! <3

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    1. hahaha i escaped my picture being taken. 😉

      seriously, i had no idea who anyone’s livejournal name was, pretty much. i knew “moi” because she came introduced that way – i knew alice because i had wanted to meet her anyway and she was already on my friends list – i knew drnic because – how can you miss him…? =) and that was pretty much it! i guess i ended up learning jack (above)…

      hmm, that’s more than i thought i’d known. but anyway, yeah, i didn’t know who anyone else was =P even you!! (i think i remember hearing your LJ name but i forgot in connection to your RL name)… argh maybe i just have a crappy memory. i know it wasn’t cuz i drank too much. =)

        1. um. show me a picture =P =D all your icons are wolves, i can’t tell from those!! 😉

          yeah, at the next meet, everyone should have to wear those dorky little “hi my name is ____________” stickers with their LJ name big, and their real name small underneath it 😉 that way also those of us who forget, are drunk, or just couldn’t hear or were overwhelmed with the introductions, will be able to catch on and figure out who people are. =D

          so! you added me to your friendslist! did you add everyone you met that night, or am i lucky? and are you sure you wanted to add me? =P

            1. i even spoke to you!
              i THOUGHT that was you but i wasn’t sure. good, i was right. =) i just didn’t want to take a chance.

              anyway, i’ll add you back if you want but you might get subjected to overly angsty things you had no interest in. sound good to you? =D

                1. wow, that totally makes me want to add you now. =P

                  what kind of a friend are you? to have on a friends list that is. are you gonna comment all over the place, or will i forget that you’re even on the list because you never say anything?

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