I’m at home at the moment, sitting in bed, feeling like arse. 🙁 My nose and head are totally blocked, my throat is sore as buggery, and I got about 5 hours sleep last night.

I woke up this morning at about 5:30, probably due to a lack of being able to breathe, and then this FUCKING bird decided to sit RIGHT outside my window and just sit there chirping. ALL FUCKING MORNING.


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  1. Get some cold and flu tablets. I got some during the second day I had off* (back a couple of month ago), and wished I’d got them earlier. I probably would have had one day off if I had drugged myself up earlier! 😛

    *I love Xjournal’s history searching…

      1. As I said in our video chat, I can have the bird “taken care of” or “removed from the equation” if you get my drift.

        My Cat’s are getting kinda hungry, especially for Native Fauna.

  2. You whinger – you can use this time off to catch up on REALLY TRASHY TV SHOWS!!!!! :P~
    Take supermarket medication – seriously..its cheap and works!!!!!
    PS – I know ALL ABOUT annoying birds – we have this stupid crow that sits on the lamppost outside our window and goes ‘CAW’ ‘CAW’ ‘CAW’ – we realised how bad it had gotten when we discovered I could now imitate this crow pitch perfect *not that I’m proud of this or anything* ;)!!
    My advice – get a pellet gun *nods*

  3. oh yes, birds seem to know when you’re asleep and don’t need to get up for anything. I’ve got some outside my window, who are totally uninterested in making any noise on work mornings, or maybe i’m at work before they start.

    nah, definitely a bird conspiracy to ruin our lives 😛

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