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              1. heh, should have guessed without even looking at the link location.

                Please explain, what is it about canadians always having canadian flag badges on them when they’re travelling? is it because you’re so incredibly patriotic? or want to make doubly sure that you don’t get accused of being american? I didn’t mean to make that sound so rude(!), I just noticed when I was in europe that the only travellers I would see advertising their nationality would be canadians. so what is it with you lot and loving your flag so much?

                1. Hmmm… well, I’ll do my best to answer this without my Canadian-ness asserting itself too strongly (no promises though 😉 )

                  Canucks aren’t ESPECIALLY patriot (less so than most americans), but we are, to some degree, proud to be Canadian. Part of the problem is that we often define ourselves by what we’re not (American), rather than what we are.

                  When travelling, we often carry a symbol of our flag somewhere (mine is less visible than most, on my keychain). A reason for this is again to differentiate ourselves from Americans (sensing a theme?), because for the most part, we have similar accents (except those from the east of canada, or the south of the US).

                  And, just to be clear, it’s not that we hate Americans, per se, we just think of them as our misguided children to the south 😉


                  1. cool, thanks for answering 🙂

                    at least you admit that you have similar accents. if you accused an aussie and a kiwi of having similar accents we’d be mortally offended. I tried really hard to pick the difference when I was overseas but I always got it wrong 🙂

        1. Hah. 🙂

          I could have missed it too, had I gotten my Ps when I was 17, but I didn’t have anything to drive, so it would have been rather pointless. 🙁

      1. no, i don’t actually. i’ve pondered it before, but, i dunno.

        the few times that i have played internet games, it’s always full of 12 year old kids who either quit as soon as it looks like they’re about to lose, or if they win, feel the need to gay-bash you (irrespective of sexual preference).

        i’d much rather have a system link

        1. Hahah, yeah, that’s the downside.

          Fortunately I know a number of good people from various websites and IRC servers and stuff that I play with, so I can avoid all the fucktards. 😉

          1. i think when i get Halo2 (whether or not that is tonight), i may have to revisit it, especially given that i’ve just had my download limit increased

        1. i read something about those – apparently it’s the latest fashion trend in Japan – it’s just the artwork on the dress. apparently you can get them for guys too, and you can get them for tops, with the bra “showing through” and stuff

  1. So did you get Halo 2? How is it? My flatmate is thinking of getting it, but likely not for a few months, so I need to live vicariously through those who’ve played it, and will take the time to tell me about it 😉


    1. Hahah. 🙂

      As the reviews have said, the single player campaign is a little…short. But what /is/ there is freakin’ awesome.

      And Xbox Live…OMG. Halo 2 over XBL fucking PWNS. I was just playing with and . If you have Halo 2 and broadband, you have to get Xbox Live. And if you don’t have broadband…you need to get it. 😀

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