Well, we had our big Halo 2 LAN yesterday. 🙂 It was most excellent fun. Lots of team battles and just all-out kill-anything-that-moves. 🙂

We had 11 people all up, including xenex and noogles. The last of us ended up going to bed at about 4 in the morning.

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        1. Oh, it’s not like it wasn’t awesome or anything. I just wanted to point out we didn’t have 11 people with 11 TVs and 11 Xboxes.

          That will be next time!

    1. LOL

      We had pizza for dinner and stayed awake, but we certainly weren’t giggling (more swearing and cursing when someone killed us ;)), nor playing with anyone’s hair. 😉 ( was the only one that had anything other than short hair anyway, heh).

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