Woo…I’ve been a good little consumer whore. 🙂

The CDs I ordered from The End Records arrived today, and I went down to the Mall after work to see if I could get some more seasons of Buffy (which I wasn’t able to…but I’ve ordered in Seasons 2-4) and to book a haircut (I’m a long-haired hippie at the moment!). I got a bunch more CDs at the moment, so this is the total lot:

Along with…

😀 😀

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      1. Eh… I’ve only seen about a dozen episodes of Buffy, and the majority of those after I’d got into Angel (and then, only because my sister has the first two seasons on DVD). As long as you know who Buffy, Angel, and Cordelia are, you’ll be fine.

  1. hey, i got your reply about infra red and wanted to say thanks! i transferred stuff with my flash drive.
    now i am trying to get OSX installed, and it’s not happening.. 🙁
    also, i am giving my old green imac to best-friend-K’s mum, who is quite ill and house bound at the moment and will use it for internet shopping for groceries, BUT, the cable to the keyboard is all eaten away and the coloured wires are showing near where the cable meets the keyboard. Will she need a whole new keyboard, or just a new cable?
    Thanks for this, I owe you drinks when i see you. K’s mum is really sick and the green imac will make a huge diff to her life 🙂

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