Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. 🙂 Not that I’ve been doing all that much of interest, heh.

Mostly just watching Buffy and playing a bit of World of Warcraft. I’ve finished the Buffy DVDs I have (Seasons 1-4), and have finished the first half of season one of Angel. 🙂 Going down to the Mall probably tomorrow before work to pick up the rest.

My iPod mini finally arrived too! 😀

And I’m heading to Polymorph with __stripped, superhez, and dr_nic Tuesday next week to get my labret pierced. 🙂 __stripped is getting a spiral thingy for her ear.


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    1. you need *three* people to hold your hand? 😛

      Hahahah. No, __stripped was coming for her own piercing, I invited superhez along, and she spoke to dr_nic and now he’s coming. 😛

      and how many ipods and macs do you own now?? do I even *want* to know?

      /me grins.

      I own three iPods (1G 5GB, 3GB 40GB, and iPod mini, although my sister uses the original iPod now), and three Macs (my PowerBook, G4, and the iMac G5). :). I also own an AirPort Extreme Base Station and two AirPort Expresses. 😉

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