The manager of AppleCare Australia just came around and gave everyone a little something :).

The text is a little hard to read. It says “A small token of appreciation from the AppleCare Management Team for your tireless efforts. Keep up the great work! Enjoy!”.


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  1. aawww, that’s so cool!

    hhmmmm, i wonder if i could kill you, or someone in your department, then coincidentally call the next day asking if there are any job vacancies …. hhmmmm, yes, that sounds like a good plan.

    i probably shouldn’t post this comment. i’ll just close this window instead, otherwise everyone will find out my diabolical plan

  2. We get cake and muffins about once a week here. Or rather, we find who has cake and muffins and then we appropriate said cake and muffins.

    1. We get a shitload of cakes/fruit/etc once a month for a generic “anyone born this month” birthday celebration.

      But we get water all the time!

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