I severely hope tonight’s sleep is better than last night’s. 🙁 I was lying awake for almost three hours trying to get to sleep. Then, when I finally did, I kept waking up either too hot or too cold.

Then when I woke up, I was feeling all light-headed and nauseous, and ended up taking the day off work.

And to top it off, the cat that comes around to our house every few days that we feed decided to take a fucking shit all over my floor. And we’re not talking about normal shit. This was sloppy, disgusting diarrhea-type stuff that gets stuck in the carpet. I’m still getting wafts of it now, eight hours and lots and LOTS of scrubbing later.

Today has just sucked, basically.


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  1. 🙁

    i had a great day.

    i got drunk in class & made a FABULOUS cocktail!
    i liked it so much; that i made AND DRANK it four times.

    god bless you tafe.

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