Hehe, the easter bunny came to work today:

And then a woman from DCL (the agency I’m with) came around a bit later:

And W00T! Going to see Nightwish tonight. 😀 😀

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    1. just be grateful you’re not european.

      this year greek easter is almost FOUR weeks AFTER your easter; which means all the chocolate is on sale. resulting in mass amounts of chocolate 🙁

  1. hahahahaha..we got an easter ‘bilby’ *soo pc :P* with a little note and some scissors with the company logo (dont understand that part of it)…but i saw the cleaner distribute them the other night..which means the cleaner of our building is the EASTER BUNNY!!! *nods*
    PS – The hot cross buns look a lil sick…

  2. Last time I saw Nightwish, they did way too much Once for my liking, including a really tacky version of Nemo.

    1. Hahah. Damn you European people and your getting to see metal bands all the time. 😛

      There wasn’t any tackiness tonight. There was a fair bit of Once, but a goodly amount of other stuff too. And you can’t really blame them… it is the new album after all. 🙂 They did their cover of Phantom Of The Opera too, which rocked.

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