I got offered a permanent job at Apple today… er… yesterday! 😀

The one single thing that’s going to suck is getting paid monthly. 😉 Both when I was at Maccas and with the employment agency for Apple, I was getting paid weekly. I think it’s going to take a little getting used to. 🙂

But w00t!

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  1. Congratulations! Monthly pay is not so bad, just remember to get the fixed expenses out of the way at the start of the pay cycle and be prepared for the poverty towards the end.

  2. i already told you congrats on msn NYA!

    i have a BRILLIANT excel sheet i can send you if you need help with a budget or planning; i’d be dead in the street without it!

    whenever you get your monthly pay; just divide it by 4, set yourself 4 dates and spend that allocation during that period.

    simple 😀

    1. Re: i already told you congrats on msn NYA!

      oooh can you send it to me! 😀 i need budget help right about now (stupid concerts)

      and w00t nick go you!

      1. Re: i already told you congrats on msn NYA!

        i just emailed it to you!

        and thank you for buying the tickets babe!
        i didn’t sms you back coz i have like $1 credit lol

  3. congratulations!

    heh, I have enough trouble getting paid fortnightly instead of weekly 🙂

    ‘Is it pay week this week? no? damn!’ 🙂

    1. Hehehe. I can imagine fortnightly would be harder to keep track of than monthly. 🙂 At least with monthly it’s the same date every month. 🙂

      1. fair point. twice a year I get 3 pays between rent payments. that is a good month and much money gets wasted 🙂

    1. Neither had I, until one of my friends who works here (and who actually helped get me the job) became a permanent and said he gets paid monthly. 🙂

      I was like, “Urgh!”.

  4. I get paid fortnightly and thats bad enough!! lol
    Just think though – when you check your balance youll be like omg!!..i have oodles of money in there *and then you can spend it all at once and have no money for the next few weeks* 😛

  5. niiiiice! well done!

    oh, and the monthly pay thing isn’t that bad once you get used to it. I got paid monthly when I was at eBay. The best thing to do is call your monthly Bill-Sending Bastards, and see if you can change the date that your billing cycle starts, so that you get all your bills at the same time, and also the same time as you get paid, then just pay all your bills in one hit, and the rest is spending money!

    1. Thanks. 😀

      ::nodnod::. That’s my plan. Pretty much the only fixed expenses I have are board (yes, I’m still living at home! :P), loan repayment for my car, and mobile phone bill. Normally I pay the board at the beginning of the month, but there won’t be a problem changing it to the middle of the month (which is when I’ll be getting paid). The others might be bit trickier, though…

  6. There was a couple of weeks around Jesus Day last year where I work while the HR department was switching over to a new pay system, where everyone was getting paid weekly. It was awesome. I paid about a third of my usual government hush money.

    1. Hehe, thanks. 🙂

      And yeah, quite sucky. Since I started working, I’ve been being paid weekly. This is going to be a bit of a shock. 😉

  7. yay congrats (:
    i’m having a housewarming next friday night (bbq) and such if you’d like to come along

  8. Congratulations! That’s fantastic, well done 🙂
    Monthly pay for me means one week living the high life, three weeks eating beans. Yeah, you sure don’t want to share house with me three weeks of the month…

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