Re-arranged my room a bit. 🙂

It looks a lot bigger now! I need to get a new bookcase, though, as all my books and DVDs are currently stuffed into my cupboard. 😉

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  1. not just two computers, but 3 screens!!! nerd! 🙂

    I don’t even put my computer on the desk anymore. I do all my surfing from bed 🙂

      1. that sucks
        but I guess on the flipside it stretches your birthday out more – instead of getting all the stuff when you wake up and having everyone make a big deal then, you get to bask in birthdayness for the whole day and THEN get presents at night – it makes the day seem more like its ALL ABOUT YOU 😉

      1. Some of us are working, and don’t have time to read, damn tech-support slackers!

        I want to see a photo of the mess in the cupboard!

  2. Everyday at work when I walk into the reception area, I see this wolf calendar, and I think to myself “man when I quit this hell hole I should steal that and give it to nick”

    ..AND I WILL.

    I bet you thought since you didn’t make a birthday post I wasn’t going to keep my promise.. well HARRRR!


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