Woo! Another new computer. 😀

It’s for work, however.

Still, top o’ the line! 2GHz, 160GB HD, 512MB RAM, 128MB Radeon 9600, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth.


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  1. notfair
    fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair!!!!

    1. I’m gonna whinge now!

      Try juggling Safari, SAP, IRC, Mail, eApproval, Filemaker, Word, Excel, and whatever other crap we always have open… damn Safari-only tech support! 😛

      We’re petitioning for an upgrade!

          1. i’m sure by giving jesse “sexual favours”
            you’ll get ahead
            see i didnt even use the term “blow job”

              1. so chris,
                what kind of “position” would he have to be in – to give you a “raise”.
                because i can think of many.

                  1. so chris,
                    so he’d have to be wearing some kind of army uniform.. maybe along the lines of a sargent, before you’d start to get some kind of “raise”?

                    1. While I must say that I’m flattered by your repeated interest in my sex life, I regret to inform you that if i will not participate in that way unless I am monetarily compensated.

        1. I actually use Snak at work, which Apple have a site-licence for, and all scripted up.

          For personal use, Colloquy is undoubtedly the best Mac IRC client. Uses irssi at the core. Old pictures here; I tend to use nicer colours now…

          And there’s my evangelising for the day!

          And I agree, irssi is undoubtedly the best CLI IRC client…

            1. Support is available internally via IRC. The theory being it’s quicker than the phone, because people can handle more than one query at a time…

          1. Heheh. I’ve got just under 39GB of music, and only 10.7GB is actually encoded from CD. 🙂 The rest is downloaded, so it’d suck severe balls if I lost it all.

            Mind you, the music ripped from CD is 160Kbps AAC, and stuff I download is at least 192Kbps MP3, and is often higher.

            My backup strategy is just to clone my whole HD to an external one every now and again. 🙂

          1. So, if I were to get in on the ground floor, when/if the move to the CBD happened, it’d make it amazingly easy for me to get to, rather than, well, fucked if I know how long it’d take me to get to Frenchs Forest.

            1. frenchs forest = belrose = where you got your haircut remember?


              it’s fine driving; but public transport is a bitch.

              but it’s do-able; i was still living in belrose for a few months when i was working in double bay … so that’s the same distance 🙂

              go for it 😀

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