Woo! Going to the Serenity pre-screening next Wednesday night with xenex. 😀

EDIT @ 21:59:
Hm… seeing as how Serenity premiered in Edinburgh a few days ago, and that was the finished product, I’d imagine the screening next Wednesday will be the final product as well, yes?

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      1. apparently.. its not the final product – i should really read the browncoat forums to see if theres anything official about it – but apparently the only changes are making it look more pretty. oh yeah – its great – i wish i was in brisbane on thu night to see it again – but i can’t so i’ll have to wait till it comes out in the cinemas. 🙁

  1. I See your Serinity Pre-Screening and raise you gold class Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tickets for 11am on Thursday.

    Ok, so its not pre screen, but it involves chocolate, and Tim Burton, who is cool.

    And Mel can stare and Johnny Depp and fantisize, leaving me to enjoy the movie!

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