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  1. I feel compelled to leave a comment but can’t think of anything constructive at all. Who’s the blackboard artist? And I think I want a Blue Sun mug but I’m trying to curb my Serenity!spending.

      1. Run up and make a contribution to the blackboard and post us the results 🙂 See, look, I can be bored at work too but since I have neither rampant commercialism arriving at my inbox, nor a digital camera I rely on others to fill in the day 🙂

        The word ‘gnaw’ is disturbing me. It looks wrong.

          1. Ew, now you’re wierding me out!

            I’m not knocking the street-cred of ‘gnaw’, it’s just one of those words that if someone says it to you enough it ceases to be a real word and becomes just a random sound/shape. See: gnaw gnaw gnaw, gnaw gnaw gnaw, gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw.

            And, tasty as it may be (yay cannibalism) I kinda need the ankle to walk home on.

              1. but the word “fish” you can say and look at repeatedly and you’re still thinking “fish” but looking at “gnaw” I’m just thinking “WTF is that crazy mess of letters all about”.

    1. Aye, definitely. Big mugs are teh win.

      I bought an Ars Technica mug when I started at Apple, and it’s a nice big one too. I go home and have a cup of coffee in our normal mugs, and they feel ridiculously small. 😉

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