Those Veronica Mars DVDs I bought from Amazon… they’re actually region-free! I was messing around with my Mac mini, and I hadn’t set the region code at all for the drive. I chose Region 4, and the VM discs played regardless. Tried it in my Xbox, same thing. 🙂 Hurrah!

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    1. I’m very sure! My G5 and Xbox DVD drives are set to region 4, and VM plays perfectly.

      There’s a warning on the back of the box set saying it’s not authorised for sale outside of the US or Canada, so perhaps they didn’t bother putting any region coding in as it shouldn’t be being sold anywhere but North America…

      1. hahaha region coding was meant to actually be a way to enforce the whole ‘not authorised for sale outside of…’ issue. that’s funny.

        okay i’m off to shop now…damn you ;D

    1. Nothing very interesting… a few deleted/extended scenes, that’s about all.

      And I don’t imagine the Australia release will be any time soon, seeing as how they’re still airing Season 1 here. 😉 (They’re not even half-way through yet, are they?)

      I suspect the US ones are region free mostly because they’re only available in the US… there’s a big “It is illegal to sell this outside of the US and Canada” message on the back of the box, but obviously Amazon isn’t bothered. 😉 You can bet when it does get released here it’ll be region-coded.

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