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      1. hahahaha – yeah, ulcer gel is one of those things you buy but dont use that often *unless you engage in crusty dalliances…*
        Someone suggested vegemite ‘coz of it’s salty acidicity thing and i thought they were joking – trying to make me look stupid but i used it and it worked so freaking well..and if i accidentally licked it it didn’t taste off like alot of ulcer gels do *well im one of the sick freaks that like vegemite so it didnt taste off to me…*

  1. I concur mightily and with much vigor. I get the damn things all the time. I tried switching to Biotene, which is SLS-free (suspected to be related to mouth ulcers), but that was like 3 years ago and I still get them. My dentist and orthodontist were both dismissive and said they don’t really know what causes mouth ulcers.

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