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      1. Now that I’ve actually listened to it:

        It’s a bit Syntax, a bit Orbital, and a bit of other stuff that’s probably going to take me weeks of listening to work out, youbig jerk. Other than that, you need to increase the fade out on the rain at the start of the song by a couple of seconds – the transition is too abrupt.

        1. Hah.

          That whole rain/thunder thing is a single loop in GarageBand… not any easy way to extend the end of it, I’m afraid. I could probably haxor something in, though…

          1. If it works like the other sequencers I’ve played with (which, admittedly, I haven’t done since 1999), you should just be able to pull the rest of the tracks back a few seconds and then increase the fade duration that way.

            1. Check it again, I’ve uploaded a new version. I just started the volume of the rain track fading slowly out as soon as the first instrument comes in. 🙂

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