I’m looking at moving out some time in the next few months. I’m trying to work out all the financial stuff, to find out what sort of price I can afford for rent (I really want to live by myself).

This is where you lot come in! After paying all the fixed monthly bills (rent, transport, mobile phone, internet, etc), how much left-over do you think would be a decent amount to live on? It’d pretty much be food and random shit that’d need to be purchased from that left-over amount. And I’m working this out on a monthly basis as that’s how often I get paid.

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  1. I guess it depends on what you how much extra you need (if that makes any sense?) – like for food and stuff for yourself or for going out or for alcohol or entertainment etc? lol
    I guess if i worked it out I’d say i have about $400 left over for each month (having savings helps too..) – which helps for unexpected emergencies that may crop up, some months i scrape by and live on tuna for the next week until pay *shrugs* – im no help! lol

      1. in all honesty – its hard to say, i planned and planned and figured out roughly how much i would need but didnt count on minor emergencies happening (rent deducted twice or at the wrong time, telstra not taking payment when they should have, pay not going in correctly..) so ended up living on 2 minute noodles for awhile (since then ive discovered pasta or tuna i great..you can do a MILLION things with them lol).
        the best thing my dad told me which i thought was stupid at first was to when you first move out to buy double or bulk of mundane items like toilet paper, tissues, detergent, toothpaste, soap so if you get strapped for cash you have essentials on hand – 6 months later work put my pay in the wrong account and whilst trying to fix it up my rent was taken twice – i was able to get by alright as i had already had heaps of back up stock!

      1. Guess it also depends how much fridge/freezer space you have to, because it’s cheaper to buy things in bulk than little individual serves all the time.

  2. i have a kick-ass budget that i can send you, but i can’t give you information now BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE EXCEL 😛

    as for living by yourself, i reckon you’ll get more hermity if it’s just you. sure i’d love to live by myself, but i’m glad i’ve got liz with me. it can get lonely being all by yourself 🙁

    1. I dunno. I was thinking I’d actually want to go out more if I was by myself.

      I’m going to try to get a two bedroom place, though, so if things don’t work out for whatever reason (lack of money, wanting a roomie etc) there’s a room right there for the taking. 🙂

  3. Less than 100 a week would suck baaaaddddd.
    and that’s after bills.

    Acutally, 100 will pretty much feed you each night, and let you go out for dinner or lunch at work… but probably not leave you with anything for alcohol or other vices…

    It’s expensive 🙁

    No one you like enough to live with?

    1. No one you like enough to live with?

      Heheh. Well, not so much not like as most of my friends are complete slobs, and I’m anally-retentively clean. 😉

      When I was living with Sammi, before we moved back out she wasn’t home for like a week, and it was just me. I freakin’ loved it!

  4. I get paid monthly and after I’ve paid everything, I’ve occasionally had to live on about $200 a month. Sometimes $100, but that’s only doable when it’s supplemented with people feeding you on occasion. Making huge pots of food and freezing lunch sized portions is essential on my kind of budget.

        1. I guess you didn’t see the artists. Groups of parents would be protesting outside any JB store that was selling most of those. hehe

    1. ::grin::

      Well, my Quad is going to be good for many years yet. And my PowerBook is still going strong, and honestly I don’t do anything on it that needs more oomph.

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