Happy birthday to me! At 4:12 this morning I’ll be officially 24. 😉

I got my presents and things tonight (Thursday night) as my grandma came over for birthday dinner.

The only problem with having a disposable income is that you tend to buy yourself everything you want, leaving practically nothing left over for presents to buy for birthdays. 😉

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  1. Happy Birthday dude!!
    And on a Friday too, nice one!

    I’m kinda psyched, mine’s on a Saturday this year!
    It’s the day before Father’s Day though.. which kinda blows. But still!

    Hope you have a good one. 😀

  2. Happy birthday!!!! HOpe it was full of attention all focused on you and presents etc! 🙂
    Next yr’s the big one (quarter of a century etc :P)
    PS – Its ok if you get a present you already have though – ebay, its always there hehehe
    Ahh – another April baby..soo close to being an awesome rocking child coz it was born in May but will just miss out 😛

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